The FUTURE of Testing and Tagging is here …

The IntaCept® Tag is a revolutionary new approach to Portable Appliance Testing (PAT). The digital technology assists businesses operating in hostile environments to comply with AS/NZS 3760. An innovative solution for individuals and businesses required to meet the mandatory “In-service inspection and testing of electrical equipment”.

The IntaCept Tag’s innovative technological features create a more efficient and effective PAT system. IntaCept Tag easily integrates into existing processes and encourages organisations towards a mindset of “meeting safety compliance obligations first”, while at the same time providing the further benefits of cost and time efficiencies.

Why the IntaCept Tag is THE innovative solution for test & tag …

The IntaCept® Tag system is an innovative approach to testing & tagging ensuring 100% compliance right at the appliance. This digital system out-performs current paper and plastic tagging systems.

Early alerts enable efficient locating of equipment in need of testing. The “find a PAT tester” feature is a portal where users can locate a PAT tester in their area.

Data is automatically updated via a smartphone app. The data can then be easily shared via a web-based environment assisting in asset management capabilities and customer service.

Web, Phone & Email Messaging

Our messaging system means you will always know when tags are due to be tested. Choose your preferred method of messaging via web, smartphone and/or email.

Our alerting system provides an early warning to the user that the portable appliance or lead is due for testing, dramatically reducing the risk of non-compliant equipment being used in the workplace.

Up-to-Date Records

Test records and tracking information are stored within the tag itself. This information remains in the tag and stays with the lead or appliance.

Seamless integration for PAT testers using the IntaCept smartphone app to accurately record test data of electrical equipment in accordance with Standard AS/NZS 3760, resulting in improved management of records and reducing the cost of testing appliances.

Find a PAT Tester

Finding a PAT tester in your area has never been easier with our PAT tester listing portal. Search for a PAT tester via location and postcode, choose your preferred PAT tester and add to your account for future reference. Multiple PAT testers can be added.

GPS Tracking

GPS location records enable portable appliances and leads to be readily found in the workplace. This feature streamlines the process of finding out of date portable appliances by WHS staff, employees and PAT providers.


Business Benefits

Employers are guaranteed to meet compliance and create a safer working environment for employees while meeting WHS commitments—reducing business risk.

Up-to-date records are instant and easily viewed at the appliance and via the Cloud portal IntaCept Online. The automated record keeping reduces the manual process and errors, leading to greater productivity.

Electrical equipment and appliances can be easily located via the GPS location feature, reducing time and cost of lost compliance. This feature streamlines the tag testing process with instant access to tagged appliances.

Software as a Service (SaaS) Solution

The IntaCept® Tag provides a complete customer service data solution to improve access to records. IntaCept Online is a cost-effective approach to portable appliance testing record management.

Securely hosted data and up-to-date Cloud asset management register.

Scaled pricing structure based on the number of tags installed, offering a complete PAT service solution including:

  • The IntaCept Tag.
  • Smartphone app.
  • Web based user interface.
  • Cloud asset management register.


  • Paperless Test and Tag System
  • Automated Alerts
  • 100% Compliance
  • Smartphone App connected
  • NFC Communication
  • Lock-out Option
  • Accurate Record Keeping
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Easy to Use


Morbi tristique, augue a pretium sollicitudin, sem quam vehicula nunc, ut tincidunt lacus erat vitae quam. Nulla non orci turpis.The IntaCept Tag is currently available in Australia and New Zealand. IntaCept owns a suite of International Patents and will become a globally recognised leader in Testing and Tagging.

IntaCept has partnered with Control Synergy for sales and product distribution throughout Australia and New Zealand.



IntaCept Limited

IntaCept Tag Product Development and Technical Support

PO Box 4191
Edgeworth NSW 2285 , Australia

Email ID : info@intacept.com.au

Website : www.intacept.com.au

Control Synergy

Product Sales and Support

2/5 Cobbans Close
Beresfield NSW 2322 ,Australia

E-mail: nfo@controlsynergy.com.au

Website : www.controlsynergy.com.au

Why IntaCept?

  • Benefits for PAT Test Contractors and End Users
  • Accurate Record Keeping
  • Time and Cost Efficient

Benefits of IntaCept Tag to PAT Test Contractors

✓Customers are guaranteed to meet compliance, creating a competitive advantage over other PAT systems and improved customer satisfaction for your clients.
✓Records are always up-to-date and available at the appliance and can be integrated into existing database records reducing paperwork and improving management of client information.
✓Every portable appliance can be maintained in accordance with AS/NZS 3760.
✓Find appliances faster when undertaking periodic PAT.
✓Improved client service and sales resulting in increased revenue streams.

Benefits of IntaCept Tag to End Users

✓Assured compliance with AS/NZS 3760 resulting in reduced risk and peace of mind.
✓Improved employee safety – meeting management WHS commitments and improving staff morale.
✓Easily find a PAT tester to provide testing services or manage in-house with your own staff.
✓Improved and automated record keeping, reducing manual processes and providing greater productivity.


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